Flourishing place for you(th)!

For people to grow it’s important to take time to contemplate the important questions in life: Who am I? What is my purpose? What do I really want to do in life? What brings me joy? That is why we, Guy and Maarten, created De Kwekerij. It is a meeting place for students and young professionals (18-35) where you can be and develop yourself in a safe and playful environment. De Kwekerij provides a fruitful soil for young people to bloom.

By organising flourishing classes we want to give you the opportunity to discover what really matters to you. In our 2.5 hour sessions we discuss different perspectives on important life questions and help you to develop your own viewpoint through reflective exercises. Under the guidance of experienced greenhouse trainers we invite you to slow down and take time for personal reflection. We always combine a theoretical approach with energizing and playful activities. By the end of the session you will leave with the ability to apply your new found knowledge in real life.

We hope to see you bloom!

More coming soon!

Our values

In today’s world we are easily seduced into creating a life that fulfills certain expectations. From a very young age we are taught to present ourselves in the most attractive way possible. We prefer to ignore difficult questions, setbacks and pain. At De Kwekerij we value open-heartedness. We think it’s important to learn how to deal with the suffering that is also a part of life. What’s happening inside you? What do you dream of and what do you desire? We ask the real questions and love to hear honest answers.

In a fast moving world we are expected to be quick and clever when it comes to achieving happiness and removing any obstacles that stand in our way. You need to seize every opportunity, think of all possibilities and most of all; you need to have an opinion about everything. We are addicted to being validated and we have high demands, not only of ourselves, but on others too. At De Kwekerij patience is a virtue... ripening doesn’t happen overnight. We like to take our time. ‘How to be patient with yourself and others?’ and ‘How to bear with yourself and others?’ are recurring themes in our program(s). In our greenhouse you are encouraged to slow down, to doubt and to discover yourself in a fruitful way.

We tend to live by the expectations others have of us, but we want to be of value at the same time, and to do something that matters. At De Kwekerij we accept this challenge. The questions we ask may seem difficult at first. Who do you want to be? What is your role in society But we are in search of what drives us, what makes our hearts beat faster. In Christianity this is called ‘tamiem’, which literally means ‘one of heart’. De Kwekerij offers young people the space to contemplate the important questions that make life meaningful.


Want to get to know us better?

We look forward to meeting you as from now on De Kwekerij also offers English events for those who are interested in learning more about life, love and beyond. We like to share our practical knowledge, offer a platform, and soon will be hosting a first flourishing class. Are you excited to ground, grow, branch out and bloom? Do you want to be the first to be informed about the coming events? Sign up below!

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We look forward to hearing from you or meet you in our Greenhouse (yes it's true!) at Nieuwe Herengracht 18.