Flourishing Class: How to build flourishing friendships

Tuesday 6 April 7.30PM - 9.30PM
Online via Zoom

Lasting friendships are easier said than done. What does friendship mean to you? Through Facebook and LinkedIn we can expand our circle of friends with the click of a button. But what is a true friend? In this flourishing class we challenge you through practical exercises, personal reflection and inspirational ideas.

Having friends seems so obvious, but at the same time we don’t pay enough attention to it. De Kwekerij takes you into the wonderful world of valuable social relationships. It will be an interactive evening in which we will discuss classic and modern ideas about friendship. From Aristotle to the influence of digitisation and social media. We also look at ourselves. When will you be there for your friends? How do you get more out of yourself and your friendship(s)? During this evening you review your idea of friendship. Who is in your 'warm greenhouse' and who is not?

Due to the further lockdown this flourishing class will take place online via Zoom. After purchasing your ticket you will receive a zoomlink at least 1 hour before the class starts.

Check our corona policy.

What to expect?

Flourishing classes are inspiring workshops in which we discuss themes that go beyond daily practice. For example: life, love, relationships, friendship, career and identity. Maybe you ask yourself the question; what do I really think is important? Or what drives me and does that suit me? With disruptive exercises and in an experimental setting we encourage you to think and take action. That means that we don't stick to theoretical knowledge but that we also get to work actively. So that you can go home with new insights and a concrete step.

For whom?

The activities of de Kwekerij are meant for all students and young professionals who want to flourish between the ages of 18-35, regardless of background, gender identity or sexual preference. If the prices are a barrier for you to come, please send an email to info@kwekerijamsterdam.nl and we will discuss the possibilities! We like to think along with you.Unfortunately, de Kwekerij is not (yet) accessible for wheelchairs. However, you can attend the flourishing class online or we can think of another creative solution that works for you. If you have any doubts about the accessibility to one of our events for any other reason, please send us an email as well. We hope to meet you soon!