How do you discover what you want?

Wednesday 19 February 7.30PM - 10PM

As a young person growing up in today’s world you can decide what you want to do and what you want to become. You are free to choose. However, the options are endless. During your studies you acquire lots and lots of knowledge, but what are you planning to do with all that knowledge? In this workshop we offer you tools that help you to find out what you want in life.

According to Australian nurse Bronnie Ware, the biggest regret people have before dying is chasing other people's dreams. To what extent do you live up to the expectations of others? How much attention do you give your own dreams? In this interactive workshop – that we call a flourishing class – we will provide you with an insightful dose of self-reflection.

You will learn what drives you and whether this is the right driver for a fruitful future. We do this with the help of meditation, visualization and creative working methods. This way we dive deeper into our desires, motivations and (un)conscious beliefs. At the same time we critically reflect on today’s tendency to always want more. We will try to release the pressure... You might discover that saying 'no' could be an effective way of coming to a more fulfilling way of leading your life.

Locatie: De Kas, Nieuwe Herengracht 18, Amsterdam.
Price*: €15 (student) en €18 (regular) including coffee and tea.

*If the price keeps you from joining, please contact us via or send an email to


This is a flourishing class organized by De Kwekerij (target audience: people in their twenties): a personal and disruptive workshop, in groups with a maximum of 20 people. We share our personal experience, offer creative exercises and draw upon philosophical, sociological, psychological and religious sources. During this interactive evening you will be guided by our greenhouse trainers.